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Submitted on
November 10, 2007
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Why do you feel like you have to lie?
Why can't you say what you truly feel inside?
Can't you see that there's no reason to hide from me,
whatever your true feelings happen to be?

To me, you have no obligation,
I know where I stand.
I know I'm just an opportunity
here to take away the sting of lonliness,
willing to be your toy,
at least for a little while.

I have needs too,
ones only you can fulfill,
so come lay with me,
and I'll kiss your troubles away.

I don't mind being used,
at least that's what I tell my heart.
It's happened before,
but then I was stupid enough
to think of it as and wish for more.

I'm wiser now.
I know not to expect or hope for anything else.
So please, don't bullshit me,
don't make this into anything more than what it is.
There's no point lying,
I know you don't see me as anything
but a friend with added benefits.
this was inspired by :icontallinois: poem and what society is like nowadays, friends with benefits happens all to often

this is about a girl who looks for love in all the wrong places and sadly has gotten used to being used
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wow i've used somebody before and i'm definatly not proud of it b/c it was my bestfriend but sometimes it feels like she used me too so idk. i'd do anything to get her back tho but maybe things are better off left alone.
that happened with my best friend as well, of course i was younger and stupider then so i let her use me a lot longer than i should have, but live and learn i guess, i hope you have too, thanks for the fav :hug:
yeah its all good. if all that stuff wouldn't have happened with her i wouldn't be the person i am today and would've never got on Da, so whateve its all cool. (she's on Da also if you didn't figure that out already lol)
You've put my exact feelings into words, and we do not even know each other...amazing...
i'm sorry you had to feel this way
i can relate. its not fair but shit happens...faving it anyway :)
i'm sorry you can relate, indeed crap happens, i'm glad you liked it enough to fav though
well its a well written piece :)
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